Lydia Curtis

Performance Media Supervisor

Passionate Marketer. Restaurant Explorer. Anime Enthusiast.

Lydia, a native of Columbus, Ohio, is an accomplished professional with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Central State University, which she earned in 2016. With a strong foundation in finance and a passion for customer service, Lydia has cultivated a diverse and extensive career in marketing, encompassing various facets such as leading a social media marketing team, PPC, and Direct Marketing. She is enthusiastic about embarking on her new journey with the GRP Media Team and is eager to build meaningful connections within the organization.

Outside of work, Lydia's a real foodie, always up for trying new recipes and exploring new restaurants. She's also a big fan of anime and cosplay and enjoys going to anime conventions. Lydia is passionate about the community and giving back and community service is near and dear to her heart. Family means the world to Lydia, and she cherishes quality time with her loved ones. She enjoys taking walks in downtown Chicago and taking in the historic architecture.