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Our passion is media. Our commitment is unparalleled attention to our clients’ needs. From international to national to local, small, mid or large, each GRP Media client enjoys the same level of commitment to detail. With those attributes, we have a roster of happy clients.

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GRP Media Client since 2011

GRP Media’s innovative media solutions have helped transform a strong, but under-appreciated, asset management firm into a well-known and highly credible category leader. Over GRP Media’s tenure, Invesco has benefitted from significant measured increases in brand recognition, consideration and preference while helping advisors separate knowledge from the inescapable financial noise.

Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago


GRP Media Client since 2008

Lurie Children’s, previously known as Children’s Memorial Hospital, has a long history of excellence in pediatric care. It’s key to keep parents aware of its services, and name change, yet the hospital is a non-profit organization with a modest budget. Through artful negotiations with the stance of “It’s for the kids,” GRP Media manages to obtain added value programs year after year that double the effect of the hospital’s annual media budgets.

Marvin Windows and Doors


GRP Media Client since 2015

Marvin Windows and Doors chose GRP Media as their media partner in 2015. With a media plan steeped in tradition from years of partnering with the same publishers, GRP Media's challenge is to provide a fresh perspective for both brands. To encourage architects, builders, and homeowners to choose these high end products, GRP Media devised media plans to speak specifically to each cohort through print, an increased commitment to digital and experiential events to showcase the products' superiority in the category.



GRP Media Client since 2014

When Checkers/Rally’s became a client in 2014, they had aggressive growth plans for their 800+ chain of drive-thru burger restaurants. But they had a problem they needed our help in solving first. They were only able to afford TV advertising in just half of their markets, and TV had been proven to be the most impactful marketing driver of store traffic and sales. So GRP Media developed and executed an affordable unwired national TV buying approach that not only allowed Checkers/Rally’s to afford TV in all of their existing markets for the very first time, but also gave them TV exposure in the rest of the U.S. to help drive franchisee interest and future customer awareness.

Duke's Mayonnaise


GRP Media Client since 2007

Duke’s, a favorite mayonnaise in the heart of the southeast, decided to challenge Hellmann’s and Kraft by spreading the word of Duke’s tangy difference to new audiences. A solid mix of TV, magazines and digital along with a highly strategic approach for how and when to expand to new markets have proven successful in growing Duke’s to the #1 mayonnaise throughout the south and now the brand is branching out to other regions.

Northern Trust


GRP Media Client since 2003

How to convey the personal touch a large, global financial institution provides? It requires intimate knowledge of the financial landscape and its intricate terminology as well as developing relationships with the financial media community. With the goal of growing awareness of the brand and its various services, the Northern Trust media team develops separate, insightful plans that individually connect with the most affluent Americans, financial advisors, international asset managers and international custodians for defined benefits/defined contributions through a combination of pinpointed print, selective TV, B2B and B2C digital display and video, custom content, webinars, paid social and private events. Annual third party studies have demonstrated a steady rise in awareness of Northern Trust and its services among the complete spectrum of their target audiences.

Rush Health Systems


GRP Media Client since 2018

When Rush, a Chicago-based health system comprised of several world-class hospitals and treatment centers, decided it was time to relaunch their brand message to get Chicagoans more aware of its nationally ranked and recognized specialties and overall award-winning patient care, they turned to GRP Media to handle their media strategy and buying needs. The GRP Media team could not be more excited to be partnering with Rush alongside a group of passionate agency partners to help them achieve the much deserved best-in-class recognition in the marketplace.

American Century Investments


GRP Media Client since

When investment management firm American Century Investments was looking for a media agency to handle their business in late 2018, they got an insider tip from an already big fan of GRP Media’s who also happens to be a current client of ours. American Century was impressed with what they heard about GRP Media’s work in the investment services category and how well-versed the team here was on their critically important financial advisor target. When we did our own research on American Century, we were also quite impressed with what we learned and knew that they were the kind of scrappy and successful challenger brand that we worked particularly well with. We also couldn’t agree more with their Founder Jim Stower’s mantra: "If we make our clients successful, then we, in turn, will be successful."

Abbott Corporate


GRP Media Client since

For more than 130 years, Abbott’s mission has been to make the world a better place by putting science and cutting-edge innovation to work to create technologies and brands that help people live healthier and fuller lives. An important mission of Abbott’s Corporate team is to raise awareness of the company’s incredible life-changing technology story by sharing compelling content that brings the company mission to life while creating excitement and anticipation for what lies just over the horizon. GRP Media is absolutely thrilled to be partnered with Abbott Corporate, helping them identify the most effective strategies for sharing out Abbott’s amazing successes and future endeavors.

Delivering on our promise

Of course there must be proof in the pudding that GRP Media actually delivers on all that we promise. Just as we research everything to find the best media platforms for our clients, we methodically research ourselves as well.

We recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey with current and past clients as well as our creative agency partners. The results demonstrate that our partners believe we supply superlative service, smart solutions, and direct contact with our Media Directors.

What is distinctive about GRP Media?

"GRP Media is a first rate partner. They are big enough to have all the resources we need and small enough to have their senior level people actually working on our business on a daily basis. Most importantly, they bring intellectual capital. Very smart people. At all levels. From strategy to sweating the details of execution, we never worry about the thoughtfulness of their efforts."

— Checkers/Rally's

"The people, the willingness to work with us on our terms, fair on pricing, responsiveness. Your buyers work on our behalf as if they were buying with their own money."

— C.F. Sauer/Duke’s Mayonnaise

"GRP is the gold standard for all of our vendors. I wish they would give lessons to other vendors on how to work with us. Their upfront research, responsiveness, thorough follow-up and genuine interest in our business are the opposite of a perfect storm--it's a perfect experience. They are part of our team. I know some of what we ask falls outside their contractual obligations, but you would never know it. What an amazing team. We feel so lucky!"

— Invesco

"Prompt, professional beyond words and extremely thorough. A big plus: no prima donnas, just great people you want to work with."

— Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

"GRP Media is a top agency that gives sound advice to meet the needs of the client. GRP Media is an agency that I trust."

— Northern Trust

"My team are great advocates for our business and they are incredibly efficient in planning and negotiating on our behalf. As a newer client, I immediately realized a benefit in working with GRP."

— Marvin Windows and Doors

"True partners. True value makers. True champions for our cause."

— Northern Trust FlexShares

"We work in a niche, trade business with limited media options and a lot of cultural and regulatory eccentricities. Of all the service providers I work with, GRP consistently impresses me with their ability to understand our business and our clients, and to ask questions and get clarification when they don't. It's impressive."

— Northern Trust C&IS

"The GRP account team is fantastic. I appreciate the structured approach to the work, the quality of the work, proactively sharing trends, and GRP's leadership on the inter-agency team."

— Dawn Foods

"GRP Media is a true partner and their heart is completely in our business like no other. I trust them, love working with them and I would recommend them to anyone!"

— Invesco

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