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We’re an independent, full-service Chicago-based media planning and buying agency delivering smart insights, precision and impeccable service to our clients.

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grp media standing out

the science of standing out

We believe standing out in this overly-bombarded media landscape is a matter of having tremendous discipline.

Our approach is to blend equal parts analytics, imagination, and negotiation to design and execute powerful media programs that make every dollar spent on advertising feel like more.

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grp media client centric


The essence of GRP Media’s promise is client-centric service. All media agencies provide the basics of research, planning, buying, and optimization. What separates GRP Media from our competitors is our dedication to providing the highest level of service.

We diligently maintain a culture where senior-level professionals stay intimately involved with their clients’ businesses as a rule, not an exception. That’s because we genuinely believe every client has the right to be treated like our most important client.

And we understand and relate to underdog brands that constantly have to make tough choices on where to allocate their advertising dollars. So if you are in need of media expertise that can help you play big without a mega budget, you’ve come to the right place.

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Bigger isn't better. Better is better.

A famous ad person once was asked how big he wanted to build his agency. “We want to see how big we can get before we get bad,” he responded. We believe bigger is not always better. Better is better. We’re a small agency, but we’ve never been accused of having small ideas or not having the resources to deliver big results.

we love our clients
  • Dawn Food Products

"GRP Media is a first rate partner. They are big enough to have all the resources we need and small enough to have their senior level people actually working on our business on a daily basis. Most importantly, they bring intellectual capital. Very smart people. At all levels. From strategy to sweating the details of execution, we never worry about the thoughtfulness of their efforts."

— Checkers/Rally's

"The people, the willingness to work with us on our terms, fair on pricing, responsiveness. Your buyers work on our behalf as if they were buying with their own money."

— C.F. Sauer/Duke’s Mayonnaise

"Flexibility. We have needed to make a number of adjustments to our media strategy and planning along the way. At each pass, your team has been accessible to move quickly and responsive to our needs. On rare occasion have they come back to say ‘that can’t be done’. That’s really refreshing."

— Invesco

"Prompt, professional beyond words and extremely thorough. A big plus: no prima donnas, just great people you want to work with."

— Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

"GRP Media is a top agency that gives sound advice to meet the needs of the client. GRP Media is an agency that I trust."

— Northern Trust

"I feel like they are part of our organization."


"Strategic and big picture thinking. Understand the business side of things. Always tried to see my perspective as a client."

— New Chapter

"The GRP team are skilled professionals who understand our B2B target and how to reach them in today’s media world. They are both pro-active and responsive regarding the day-to-day needs of our business."

— Mack Trucks, Inc.

100% Transparency

We know how important 100% financial transparency is these days, so we don’t just try our hardest to minimize financial surprises for our clients. We guarantee there won’t be any.

Now, who says there are no guarantees in life?

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