Joe Soriano

VP, Group Media Director

Enthusiastic. Financial Expert. Fun Dad.

Joe somewhat unknowingly began his career in media by responding to a help-wanted ad for a mail clerk position after graduating from San Francisco State University. He took the position with the hopes of working hard and getting a chance to prove himself and start his move up the ladder. After a year on the job, Joe’s plan started to pay off when he was offered and accepted a junior marketing position which ultimately set him on the path to a career in media strategy.

Joe has been at GRP Media for a little over half of his near two-decade long media career. He currently oversees a passionate and engaged team of GRPers leading the day-to-day charge on the Invesco and American Century Investments businesses.

Outside of work Joe is devoted to his family, enjoys being outdoors as much as the Chicago weather will possibly allow and absolutely LOVES driving his Cooper Mini (VERY FAST).