Guy Lay

Chairman, CEO

First GRPerson. Golf Enthusiast. Longhorns Fanatic.

Guy is the agency’s founder and President/CEO, which is the same title he took when he started his first ad agency, AdVantage Advertising (clever, huh?) as a junior at the University of Texas. A start in advertising sales uprooted him from his native Texas and a career selling print, broadcast, and out-of-home helped prepare him for “the other side of the desk.” What he learned along the way was that each client deserves to be treated like they are the only one, that each GRPerson should be treated like they own the business, and that sales reps should be treated like agency partners, not suppliers.

Those attitudes have allowed GRP Media to grow into one of the largest independent media agencies in the Midwest. Showing growth year over year is always a goal and GRP Media has grown over 20% a year, every year, since 2002. That growth has been fueled by client satisfaction scores in the 96% range and an employee base that shows very little turnover.

Guy lives in Northbrook as a recent empty-nester with his wife and their poorly trained but lovable lab, Gracie. Guy is available at any time by cell, unless his beloved Longhorns are playing, then you will go straight to voicemail. He is a passionate (and frequent) golfer, just check out the collection of golf pencils on his desk!